Travel Tips

STAND TO THE RIGHT! Walk on the left.

A quick PSA for all travelers!
Every time I hurry through a busy airport, I’m baffled by the number of people who are unaware of, or simply disregard, the “stand to the right” policy. I haven’t traveled to all seven continents, but I’ve certainly traveled internationally enough to see this is not just an American behavior. Domestic and international travelers alike can be found standing on the left of escalators and busy walkways, despite signage indicating the opposite is socially acceptable—we probably all see the same people putzing along in the passing lane while driving. I understand that not everyone is in and out of airports or big cities on a weekly, monthly, or even annual basis. So norms like “stand to the right” might only become familiar with repeated exposure. This is just a quick PSA to please STAND TO THE RIGHT, so fellow travelers with a tight connection can pass on the left. It’s better for everyone!

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