Welcome to Travel or Else! My name is April Burrows, founder of Travel or Else. I created this site to help you find better ways to see the world. Many people want to travel, but are so overwhelmed by the planning, costs, logistics, and other challenges that they forgo it all together. I’m not rich, I don’t have months of vacation time, and I’m not decisive. But, I’m damn sure that I have to travel… OR ELSE!

I have to travel, or else:

  • I miss out on unique cultural, culinary, and creative experiences.
  • I feel stagnant, bored, and unfulfilled in my daily life.
  • I won’t gain new insights and perspectives around life’s most meaningful issues.
  • I might miss out on the most fantastic adventure of my life.

The list could go on, of course. But I’m sure you already have a list of your own—a list of all places you’d like to see, food you’d like to eat, and things you’d like to do at home and abroad. Traveling allows us to explore new places, meet interesting people, and have unforgettable experiences. It’s a way to keep life invigorating, instead of simply maintaining what could easily become a mundane existence. Giving ourselves a vacation, or even a quick weekend getaway, is like hitting a metaphorical reset button.

When I travel, I feel a renewed zest for life that I somehow lost before my trip. Then I come back to reality a little less surly than I was before. I tend to be irritable, and traveling is my out—a channel for keeping my prickliness at bay.

You’re likely here to find inspiration, plan an itinerary, or learn some new travel tips. Hopefully, Travel or Else will provide insights for better ways to travel, see more, and spend less during your trips. Visit often to read about choosing destinations, planning itineraries, budgeting costs, and prioritizing attractions and activities. Comment on posts or contact me with questions, and be sure to visit us on Instagram for travel inspiration.

And remember… Travel or Else!

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